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Our developers have been working tirelessly over the last two years leveraging the lasted technology to bring you an enhanced board game experience. Sovranti online board games live in a customizable 3D environment with voice and text chat, providing a rich, interactive social experience.

Now you can focus on the fun, while the Sovranti system handles all the details: game setup, rules enforcement, record keeping, PLUS, it provides visual cues and suggested moves to help both new and experienced players learn games and make decisions faster.

With the worldwide pandemic now affecting our daily lives, the world needs Sovranti now more than ever. We’ve accelerated our development schedule and brought in extra resources so we could introduce you to Sovranti a quickly as possible.  

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​​If you are new to online board game, or digital board gaming, “Beta” means “test”. Beta testing is an opportunity for a limited number of real users to play games on Sovranti, with the goal of uncovering any issues or user game-playing gaps that can be addressed before the full release.  Beta participants will provide important feedback to our developers, ensuring that the Sovranti game site launch is a WOW!  Sign up here for the limited beta test and be among the first to see and experience Sovranti!


Review and feel free to download our Beta Instruction Guide designed to make your Sovranti experience simple and enjoyable. 


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