Forbidden Desert


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Details about Forbidden Desert

Description: Forbidden Desert is a cooperative game for 2-5 players. You'll need to work with your teammates and use every available resource if you hope to survive the scorching heat and relentless sandstorm. Find the flying machine and escape before you all become permanent artifacts of the Forbidden Desert!

Designer: Matt Leacock

​Artist: C. B. Canga, Tyler Edlin

Publisher: Gamewright

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Survive the Storm Contest

Survive the Storm Contest March 8-14th

"Survive the Storm" Contest Details - Week 1 (Starting Storm difficulty: Novice or Normal)


During March, we will have 2 SURVIVE THE STORM CONTESTS. Week 1, March 8-14th, play Forbidden Desert with a group of players and start with the sandstorm on Novice OR Normal. If you survive and win, submit your final game screenshot to the Sovranti Facebook Event Page or email our community manager Dani at




  • Play Forbidden Desert (start with NOVICE or NORMAL sandstorm) 

  • Play on the Sovranti Platform. To download the app, visit:

  • Play the sandstorm level for the week during the week of the contest ( Week 1: Novice/Normal: 3/8/21-3/14/21 CT). 

  • Submit a screenshot to the Facebook Event or email our Community Manager, Dani (see “TO ENTER” details below) 

  • Play with 3-5 players



TO ENTER: Submit your screenshot to the Facebook event! Each Monday during the contest, Sovranti will post an event with that week’s sandstorm level on their Facebook page and Sovranti website. All you need to do is comment on the event page “Discussion” or email Dani ( and include the following:

  • The date your group played

  • Your Forbidden Desert themed team name (Forbidden Desert is a family game, so please make sure it's appropriate)

  • Player portraits visible on the right side. Winners may be asked to verify their username and the other users in the game.

  • Podium visible in the screenshot.

  • Chat bar visible in the screenshot, so we can verify what level the group started the sandstorm at.

  • Screenshots must be submitted before 11:59pm CT on 3/14/21.


If you don’t have a Facebook, email Sovranti’s community Manager, Dani, at If you are the winner, she’ll post it to the Sovranti Facebook page and Sovranti website and contact you through email.



PRIZES: Each week we will be giving away prizes!* 

  • If your group survives and you submit a screenshot, you will be entered into a drawing. Each week we will give the drawing winner a prize to the winner. That team will get 1 Forbidden Desert physical copy of the game and Storm Tracker Promo Card. The person who submits the screenshot, will be contacted and we will send the game to the address they give. (1 game per team)



  • No purchase necessary. Forbidden Desert is free to play on Sovranti throughout the contest.

  • Alternate way to submit to the contest: Post on the Facebook Event or email Dani at (if you’re the winner, Sovranti may post your screenshot to the Contest Facebook Event page and/or on the Sovranti website. 

  • If you submit through Facebook, you will be contacted on Facebook Messenger. If you submitted by email, you will be contacted through email)

  • Time frame for starting with Novice or Normal (3/8/2021-3/14/2021) CT

  • Winners for this contest will be selected on Monday 3/15/2021 and announced to the Facebook Event Contest page & the Sovranti Website! Their screenshot may be posted by Sovranti to the Facebook Event Page and website! 

  • Drawing Prize distribution will be managed through Sovranti. Winners will need to provide their name, address and phone number in order to be sent the prizes. The game/promo card will be sent to one address. 

  • Multiple entries are encouraged. Each submission will be entered into the drawing.

  • * If you have previously won the drawing prize for a Sovranti Survive the Storm Contest, you are not eligible to win the drawing prize for 180 days.

  • Must be 18+ to enter/submit a screenshot to the contest.


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