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December 2020 Newsletter

Hello Sovranti Family, 

Happy New Year!

Thank you for gaming with us. Things weren’t easy in 2020, but you were part of our successes and for that, we are grateful. Nothing we do matters without the players that bring their friends and fun. Here’s some things we were able to accomplish with your help:

  • Open/Closed Beta - You got to experience Sovranti first, why it’s great and helped us make it ready to share.

  • UI Update - there’s no “User Interface” without U.

  • Dozens of Game Nights - Tuesdays are special because of the folks who take the time to hangout.

  • Launch Early Access - Set sail for the future!

Reminder: Founder’s Pricing is available throughout Early Access, but the deal will not always be as good as it is now.


NEW YEAR. NEW TITLES. Throughout January, we’ll be announcing games we’ve got lined up for 2021. The first on that list is Fight in a Box’s, Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber, which is available on Sovranti NOW! It is free to play before their Kickstarter launch. We'll also have titles that we expect to complete and release from BETA including Planet Unknown (Adam’s Apple Games), Wizard Kittens (Magpie Games), and Forbidden Desert (Gamewright).


There’s always something to play on Sovranti. The library of free games rotates so nothing is locked permanently behind “premium.” For the Holidays, we opened up the whole library through Jan 2. Everyone should be able to celebrate friends and family with board games. Thank you to Tabletop Santa for hanging out on Sovranti for Christmas Eve.

Here’s what the free games on rotation for January:


Remember: We’ll teach or play anything on Tuesday’s Game Night @ 6-8pm (CST). Everyone is welcome. Bring a friend or just drop in.

Interested in starting your own Game Night? Want to host it on Sovranti? The app has a voice chat option built in but feel free to join our discord if that makes things easier. Additionally, Dani would love to help you out - teach games, help folks get signed up, or chat about ideas.


The Developer Blog - Read about the world of our developers as they work on the platform and bring you rules enforced, digital versions of your favorite board games. Every other week we talk about the specific development challenges of titles coming to Sovranti.

  • 1.4 - UI Update: Early Access has launched and with it comes the new Sovranti User Interface! We’re one step closer to bringing the world together through the power of board games.

  • 2.0 - Content Overwhelming: We discuss the board game industry and the massive number of choices facing gamers.

  • 2.1 - Approachable Content: Why removing barriers from gaming is good for everyone.

Each blog includes release updates! Stay informed on what and how things are built for Sovranti.

Have a safe and fun New Year!

- Dani 

  Sovranti Community Manager 


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