Wizard Kittens


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Help the Cats!
Try Wizard Kittens on Sovranti.
We will donate $1 for everyone who plays a game of Wizard Kittens in April.

How to play & get started


The Wildcat Sanctuary

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UPDATE: Donations are now tripled!!

Sovranti will be donating on April 30th, so all the donations will be tripled through the Wildcat Sanctuary's Miracle Match.


*Sovranti donation cap at $50,000

Magpie Games' 10th Year Anniversary

Magpie Sale - From April 15th-18th, Magpie Games will be running a webstore-wide sale (including all Wizard Kittens products), with discounts up to 70% off. Use the code "SOVRANTI" for an additional 10% off on Wizard Kittens products. ⠀

Cats Gone Wild - During their weekend sale, Magpie Games will also be donating 10% of all proceeds from Wizard Kittens to the Wildcat Sanctuary! ⠀

Play Games - Magpie will also be running a series of community games and events during the weekend! Sovranti's Community Manager, Dani will be there to teach Wizard Kittens! Check it out on their Discord.

Win a Game - Play Wizard Kittens on Sovranti April 13-18, 2021 to be entered into a drawing to win a physical copy of the game from Magpie Games.

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