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Media Info

Hey Board Game Celebrities, Media and Content Creators!

We would love to chat and hear about your channel. We are looking for media partners to spread the fun of playing games on Sovranti. In the past we have partnered with folks to do interviews, game night streams and play games on Sovranti.

For our media partners we give them:
  • Platinum access while active
  • A generic 60 day Platinum code that you can share with your fans
  • Invites to special events
  • Introduction to Sovranti with Dani to help with set up and questions
  • Access to the media channels on our Discord

If you are interested in partnering with us, please email Dani, our Community Manager!

Things to Know

  • Sovranti is pronounced like "Sovereignty" / "Sov-ran-tea"

  • Helpful camera controls:

    • INSPECT allows you to see cards up close instead of zooming in

    • When in a game, clicking on a player's profile on the right and then clicking CAMERA VIEW allows you to see the space in front of them (instead of zooming across the table) but it won't let you cheat and see what you aren't supposed to.

  • Environment Music: If there is music playing in the background, you can shut it off in SETTINGS and then AUDIO. Change environment Volume.


Past Media

We have partnered with folks to do interviews, game night streams and play games on the Sovranti App, basically what people prefer based on their channel and audience. Some examples are linked below: 

Sovranti - Full Color Primary Logo.png

Primary Logo

Sovranti - Full color Logo - Dark Background.png

Full Color Logo

On dark background

Sovranti - Black Logo - Light Background.png

Black Logo

On light background

Sovranti - Black and White logo.png

Black & White Logo

Sovranti - Game Night Logo.png

Game Night Logo

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