Planet Unknown


30 min each player



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Details about Planet Unknown

Description: Planet Earth is running out of resources and we’re sending you and 1-5 other players to develop the next planet to support the future of humanity. Thankfully as you build your planet, you have access to a giant rotating space station to ship giant resource tiles. Draft your tiles wisely and compete with the other planeteers to solidify your galactic fame.

Designers: Ryan Lambert, Adam Rehberg

​Artist: Yoma

Publisher: Adams Apple Games, LLC

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Events & Solo Mode Contest

Solo Mode Contest (Facebook Event Covers
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Week 4: Oblivion / Cosmos  (Event cards MUST be used, but you decide...Easy Normal OR Hard)


Solo Mode Contest Details - Week 4: Oblivion & Cosmos (with event cards)

To finish our February contests, we have a different SOLO MODE CONTEST featuring 1 of the 117 Asymmetric Planets and Corporations combinations. March 1-7 combination is Planet Oblivion & Cosmos Corp & Event Cards (Event Cards MUST be used, but you can choose to use Easy, Medium or Hard).


* Play this combination in Solo Mode (WITH event cards - Either easy, normal or hard)
* Play on the Sovranti Platform. To download the app, visit:
* Play the planet/corp for the week during the week of the contest (3/1/21 - 3/7/21) CT.
* Submit a screenshot to this event (see “TO ENTER” details below)


TO ENTER: Submit your screenshot to the Facebook event! Each Monday during the contest, Sovranti will post an event with that week’s combination on their Facebook page. All you need to do is comment on the event page “Discussion” and include the following:
* The date you played so we can verify players played during the week of the contest.
* Podium screenshot of your solo mode score...make sure they can see the planet, corp, scoring summary (chat bar) and event cards! ... An example screenshot is posted on the Discussion board.
* Screenshots must be submitted before 11:59pm CT on 3/7/21.

If you don’t have a Facebook, email Sovranti’s community Manager, Dani, at If you are the winner, she’ll post it to the Sovranti Facebook page and contact you through email.


PRIZES: Each week we will be giving away prizes!*
* The highest “Solo Score” (medals - Target) for that week’s combination is the winner! They will win a deluxe version of the game, or if you already have the game, a free set of double-sided neoprene planets ($60 MSRP).
* Runner Up will get a 60-Day Platinum code for Sovranti.
* Everyone who participates will be entered into a raffle for a 60-day Platinum Sovranti Code.

Tie Breakers
* If there is a tie, the player with the least open squares left is the winner
* If there is still a tie, the least remaining uncollected meteorites on planet is the winner
* If there is still a tie, the highest Game score (total under the podium) is the winner
* If there is still a tie, there will be a random draw (if there is still a tie before the random draw we would do the runner up prize for everyone tied at this point i.e. they will all be runner-ups, but just have 1 winner with the random draw.)


* No purchase necessary
* Alternate way to submit to the contest: Post on the Facebook Event or email Dani at (if you submitted by email and you’re the winner, Sovranti will post your screenshot to the Contest Facebook Event page, and contact you through email)
* Time frame for Planet Oblivion & Cosmos Corp contest (3/1/21 - 3/7/21) CT
* Winners for this contest will be selected on Monday 3/8/2021 and announced to the Facebook Event Contest page & the Sovranti Website! Their screenshot will be posted by Sovranti to the Facebook Event Page! If you submitted through Facebook, you’ll be contacted on Facebook Messenger. If you submitted through email, you’ll be contacted through email.
* 1st place Prize distribution will be managed through the Planet Unknown Kickstarter pledge manager & Adams Apple Games. Winner will need to provide their name, address, phone number in order to be added to the pledge manager and sent the prize.
* Runner up and Raffle winners of the 60-day Platinum Sovranti codes will be distributed through Facebook Messenger (if that person submitted on Facebook) or email (if they submitted through email)
* Platinum Access to Sovranti: With the runner up and raffle platinum 60-day codes, you’ll get access for 60 days to all the games on the Sovranti app and anyone at your table can play any game with you.
* Multiple entries are encouraged. Top score will be used for prize selection and drawing.
* If you have previously won the 1st place (highest solo score) prize (Deluxe version of the Game or Neoprene Planets) for a solo mode contest, you are not eligible to win the 1st place prize again for 180 days (from the end of contest you won).
* Must be 18+ to enter

Past Contests & Winners

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