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April 2023 Newsletter

Hello Gamers,

Happy May! Here’s what this month’s newsletter has in store for you:

  • 🌸 The Go Club

  • 🌙 Game Nights in May

  • 🔥 Forges of Ravenshire


🌸 The Go Club

Last month I traveled to Japan. Here is just 1 of the 4000 photos I took 😄 This month's theme is inspired by my trip! To celebrate the 5th month of 2023, May is Go Club month! 5 in Japanese is 五, and it's pronounced “Go”. We’ve chosen 5 games for the FREE Silver menu this month.

  1. Broken & Beautiful: A Game About Kintsugi

  2. Night of the Ninja

  3. Shobu

  4. Sushi Go Party!

  5. Truck Off

Join the Go Club! -- Play the 5 games of the month.

  1. Throughout the month, play any of the 5️⃣ FREE Silver games of the month, take a screenshot & post it to our "high-scores" text channel on our Discord.

  2. Once you've played & posted all 5 games, we'll add you to the Go Club in our "trophy-case" text channel & give you the role of Go Club Member on our Discord.

Also if you are interested, follow us on social media. I’ll be sharing some more of the photos 📸 from my trip throughout the month!


🌙 Game Nights in May

Join us every Tuesday 6-8pm CT for fun with the community! Game Night is a great place to play games, learn new games & chat with other gamers.

🗓 Here's the schedule for May:

  • May 2 - Truck Off

  • May 9 - Forges of Ravenshire

  • May 16 - Night of the Ninja

  • May 23 - Shobu and Broken & Beautiful: A Game About Kintsugi

  • May 30 - Sushi Go Party! GOLF (The Go Club Course)


🔥 Forges of Ravenshire

If you haven’t already, check out Forges of Ravenshire on the Sovranti app!

It’s FREE to play through the end of the Kickstarter, May 11th.

Learn how to play - Check out this YouTube How to Play tutorial I made.


- Dani

Sovranti Community Manager

Most recent game I've played: Forges of Ravenshire


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