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August 2021 Newsletter

Hello Gamers,

We’ll be at both Gen Con & Origins Game Fair in September! We’re inviting you to join in the fun in person or online.

First up, we’re going to Gen Con September 16-19 in Indianapolis, ID. Join us at our booth (#1445) and we’ll give you a pirate map and a chance to find gaming treasure. If you haven’t yet, be sure to sign up for our events before they are sold out.

  • For in-person events at Gen Con Indy click HERE.

  • For virtual events at Gen Con Online click HERE.

September 30-October 3 is Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH. Stop by the booth #648 for games & laughs with the Sovranti Crew. We’ll be doing demos and having fun.

  • For both in-person events & virtual events at Origins Online click HERE.

Wait there’s more in October! Geekway to the West October 5-7 in St. Louis, MO, and we’ll be at Gamehole Con: October 21-24 in Madison, WI. We’ll keep you updated with details on those next Newsletter.


We want to say thank you & congrats to everyone who joined us in August for Sea & Space. Here’s the winning scores for our two Planet Unknown Solo Mode contests! These scores were very impressive.

September’s fun & prizes are all wrapped up in the conventions so come join us for those for more chances to win.


The Game Mechanics series continues! The blog has gotten major upgrades with illustrations & narration from Mark Eberhardt from Fight in a Box/Night Cast Creative.

Check out Jason's thoughts on the elements of “Fun” and how tile placement rates as a game mechanic in the most recent post: Tile Placement & the Sorcery of Fun!


Here’s what’s free on Sovranti this month:

- Dani 

  Sovranti Community Manager 


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