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August 2022 Newsletter

Hello Gamers,

September is Back to School. Join us to learn new games all month.

NEW GAME - Shobu is now available to play on Sovranti! This 2 player game from Smirk & Laughter is beautifully abstract. The goal is to push your opponent's stones off one of the four boards. It is a great combination of puzzle plus strategy.

Shobu along with Wizard Kittens & Skull King are September's FREE Silver Games.


Need to chill and watch games? These streamers are lined up to share the fun of some of their favorites all September.


Check out our YouTube for How to Play - In App Tutorials from me!

All month I’ll release a new instructional video every Thursday!

Subscribe to get notified!!


Back to School means new routines. If you’re struggling to find time/folks for a game, join us for our Game Night from the comfort of your own home. Come join us on Discord or use Sovranti’s voice chat – every Tuesday 6-8pm C

- Dani 

  Sovranti Community Manager 


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