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August Newsletter

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Hello Sovranti Family, 


August had an exciting start with Gen Con Online! Throughout the Gen Con Online weekend, we hosted 50+ events and played over 200 games. Thank you for all the comments, suggestions, encouragement and feedback. If you created an account during Gen Con, you're welcome to come back any time to play games.     

Missed Gen Con? No worries. Did you know that you can play games for free on Sovranti? Sign up for Silver today! Visit our website to download the app: Play on a phone, tablet or PC/Mac! The Silver titles are games you can join and host for free. These titles will rotate during the month. Check out the September calendar to see the rotation.

Building a Multiplayer Gaming Platform     

Sovranti CEO, Jason Wright has been busy chatting with the community. On August 4th, Jason was on Chitz and Chatz hosted by Over Knight Games. Click here to watch that conversation on Facebook:

On August 12th, Jason and Sovranti's CTO, Tom Muggli gave a presentation at IGDA Twin Cities about the creation and development of Sovranti. Click here to watch the presentation on IGDATC's YouTube:

 The Developer Blog - Want to know how we're making Sovranti different? We are excited to invite you into the world of our developers as they create a social first, rules enforced, digital board gaming platform. Every other week we will talk about the specific development challenges and the milestones titles coming to Sovranti. Visit the news feed on our website:

  • Volume 0.1: 5 Challenges of Digital Board Games! - Digitally translating board games is more than copying the art into a game. If you're going to be true to the experience, you'll need to overcome the inherent shortcomings of online environments: Table Layout, Functionality, Player Prompts, Unique Mechanics and Human Interaction.

  • Volume 0.2: Table Layout - In Sovranti, we hope to create a place where you can see more of yourself in the experience. That starts by creating a space where you, your friends and the game can be represented while still keeping the user interface (UI) unobtrusive and maintaining the fun.

  • Volume 0.3: Rules Enforcement - Structure allows you to focus on what is fun in the experience with less worry. Rules enforcement for digital board games does three things: Speeds up learning, speeds up play, allows the players to enjoy the game and the other players.

  • Volume 0.4: Prompts - Player prompts first responsibility is to tell the players what actions they are responsible for doing at any given moment. The most common and essential is "It is your turn!" or "We're waiting" for a certain player's action.

Miss Game Night at your FLGS? Join us for Sovranti Game Night. We are hosting Game Night every Tuesday in September from 6-8pm CST. Play the free Silver titles with your family and friends or join a Sovranti GM to play any of our games. We will have folks available to help you get started and answer any questions you might have.Visit our website to view our Blogs, Newsletter and other articles:

- Dani 

  Sovranti Community Manager 


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