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Creating New/Better Gamers

Gaming is important. It’s over 5000 years old, making it almost twice as old as theatre. Excluding all other types of gaming, tabletop alone is a $13+ billion industry globally and is growing at almost 9% annually. Pre-pandemic, economists were saying the proliferation of board gaming cafe’s and brew pubs were an indicator of potential, but even during the shutdown Tabletop games on Kickstarter were up 32% from 2019. Where are all these gamers coming from and how can we make more?

Instinctually, some humans are just born gamers, otherwise, board games wouldn’t have popped up all over the ancient world. These early gamers were driven to distill worlds seen and imagined into a representation they could experience, influence and explore. When did they realize they were having fun? Games for children don’t show up in the archaeological record until 600 BC in India (Shoots & Ladders) and 500 BC in Rome (Hopscotch.) Historically, the first gamers were those privileged enough to have time to spend on things other than survival. Later, learning through gaming allowed individuals to simulate military strategy without bloodshed. As gaming spreads and evolves, we should endeavor to improve with it.

Striving to be the best gamer you can be isn’t a quest for victory. Winning isn’t the measure of a gamer. A great gamer is one who generates the most fun around them. In RPGs, a good GM rarely “wins”; they instead create a world, story, or setting that inspires excitement or laughter. Fun is the goal and the connections that fun creates.

Teaching fun is serious business. Better roleplaying is taught by example. GMs and other players inspire feelings and we enjoy and learn from those moments. In board gaming, fun can be quieter and less obvious. Silence can indicate concentration and problem solving. Here are some things to consider when introducing games to others:

#1 match the game and enthusiasm for the situation. Pick the right game and right level or excitement. Not everyone is ready to sprint into gaming. Folks are often intimidated by new things and are wary of situations where they might feel dumb. When someone shows interest, how you respond and what game you offer up is everything.

Locally, Games by James put on a charity event at the Mall of America for the game store chain’s 40th anniversary. One of the most brilliant things about the environment they created was the rope. The sizzle of the event was games taught by the Games’ creators, but the rope helped create a safe area for folks to show interest. Inside the rope, people were learning and laughing. Outside the rope folks were left alone to make their own decision about what was going on. If someone stepped up to the rope to take a closer look, they were encouraged to come and join the fun. The tables in the courtyard with no border would have been less successful. The rope created an opportunity for folks to look without commitment. Approachability is everything when starting folks out in gaming.

#2 Practice running demos or teaching games. The ability to run a good demo inherently makes you a better gamer. This is a complicated skill to acquire. Knowing the rules is just the start because everyone learns differently. There’s no one answer, but these help: knowing your audience, creating your own voice, and practice. Just like cooking, folks have different tastes, but they can typically recognize effort.

#3 Schedule and share gaming opportunities would be my final advice if you’re hoping to create more gamers. Being that person in your group that summons the rest might seem like a lot of work, but you’re being the hero the world needs now. Almost all improvement takes time and effort, but connecting with others is worth it. You would be surprised how many folks are caught in their routine and are just waiting for an invitation to breakout.

As a digital publisher, Sovranti is focused on creating new gamers because that means more folks on the platform. Our growing library of great titles, rules enforcement, and events to bring friends to are crafted so gamers can bring their non-gamer friends. Gaming is social, helping everyone in our community be the best gamer they can be only increases the fun. Everyone we share a laugh with is a step towards being a better gamer.


Release Updates

New Camera Function - Inspect Mode

Eric has finished up our Inspect Mode feature and we’re very excited to show it off! It has presented a few challenges:

  1. Getting the 3D object into screen space at the correct size.

  2. Defining how to align the item with the camera when a user selects it.

We have some plans to improve upon it in the future but we want to get it in users hands and get feedback.

Inspect Mode in Wizard Kittens

Sovranti Developer: Paul

Paul has finished the Makeshift Corporation and its unique resource track mechanics. With the Makeshift Corporation, players are able to move your trackers forward, backward, left, forward-right, etc. with an exceptionally high level of track control to optimize an advantage.

Things to look forward to:

  • Try out the Makeshift Corporation

  • Other corporations!

Planet Unknown Makeshift Corporation

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