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February 2021 Newsletter

Hello Sovranti Family,

March is Gamewright Month, and to celebrate FORBIDDEN DESERT and SUSHI GO PARTY are free on Sovranti all month! PLUS there will be contests where you can win game-themed prizes by participating.

Co-op games have arrived on the platform and Forbidden Desert (FD) is the first. Here are the top 4 reasons we’re excited about FD:

  • #1 TEAMWORK: The only way to escape the desert alive is to pool your resources and look out for your fellow adventurers. Keep only your own individual success in mind and it’s game over.

  • #2 IMAGINATION: The strong storyline and characters draw you in. You are transport to an unforgiving desert, where you discover a lost city, and try to escape on an ancient flying machine.

  • #3 STRATEGY: There are many ways to die in this game, but just as many tactics to counter and win. Manage resources, use actions and special character abilities wisely.

  • #4 VARIATION: Play over and over, become an expert and you will still be tested. Replay value comes from customizable difficulty levels, a modular board, luck of the card draw, and character options.

To celebrate Forbidden Desert, we will have a weekly Survive the Storm Contest. Win physical copies of the game and other fun prizes! Check out our FD page for more information.


If you’ve come to Game Night, you know we love all things Sushi Go! What you might not know is how great Sushi Go Party! Golf is. Think Sushi Go, but instead of trying to get the highest score, you try for the lowest.

We love the Sushi Go Party! Golf variant so much we dedicate one Game Night a month to it. Come check it out as we test our unofficial rules and setups on Tuesday, March 2nd (6-8pm CT). Get your plaid pants ready for the Sovranti Classic Sushi Go Party! Golf Tournament. Stay tuned to the Sushi Go Party! Golf page on Sovranti for more details and your chance to win physical games and Sushi Go Party! Promos.


Conventions have begun for 2021 (sort of)! Thanks so much for hanging out with us at Con of the North online last week. Next up is GAMA Game Nights and Gary Con. Join us!


There are always games free to play in Silver rotation.

Here is the Silver rotation for March:


This past month was Kickstarter month. Fight in a Box launched their Kickstarter campaign for Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber! They made their funding goal in less than an hour … EXCITING!. Now help them reach their next stretch goal and all backers will receive 1 year of platinum access to Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber on Sovranti!

We have also been running Solo Mode contests for Planet Unknown, another Kickstarted game on Sovranti. Check out the details for the current contest on our website. Next week another one! Designer Adam also wrote a guest blog on Sovranti. Check it out!

- Dani 

  Sovranti Community Manager 


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