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February 2022 Newsletter

Hello Gamers,

NEW RELEASE - Dice Miner is here and we’re celebrating our digital release all March! Invite your friends and play Dice Miner FREE all month.

Dwarves & Dice Drafting, Dice Miner combines the fun of drafting games like Sushi-Go & Point Salad with the push your luck + dice rolling of Yahztee. Though the game is currently sold out everywhere, you can play it on Sovranti while you wait for the Dwarves to forge more!

Want to learn how to play? Remember Sovranti is always rules enforced so you can learn as you play. Want a little help getting started? Check out this quick tutorial from Dani or join us for a Game Night Tuesday 6-8pm CT.

Tune In - Check out our media friends' streams! They'll be playing Dice Miner on Sovranti.

  • Watch It Played - Twitch Stream

    • Week of March 20th

  • Beneeta K. - Twitch Stream

    • Monday, March 21 @ 7pm CT.

  • BlunderBuss (Paula Deming, Matthew Jude & The Brothers Murph) - Twitch Stream

    • Wednesday, March 23 @ 12-2pm CT


Congratulations to the winner of the Sovranti Winter Olympics - Team Tabletop Santa! The winter home court advantage really paid off as Rick got his fans & friends, elves & everybody to help create the most fun. The Sushi-Go golf finale was spectacular with all the teams representing & Tabletop Santa showed everyone what was both naughty & nice about our favorite variant.

Congrats to Hungry Gamer on his silver medal & Dani Standring shared the Bronze with You’re Invited.

Thank you for following along and playing! If you haven’t already, follow them on Social Media.


Need more Sovranti in real life?

Come visit with us in person this week at Dice Tower West in Las Vegas & for our industry friends come say “hi” at GAMA mid month.

Thanks to everyone who played games with us at Con of the North in the Twin Cities. We’ll have more updates on our con schedule in next month’s newsletter.

Here’s the silver free menu for March. Remember Dice Miner is free to play all month so invite your friends to join you!

- Dani 

  Sovranti Community Manager 


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