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January 2021 Newsletter

Hello Sovranti Family, 

February is Kickstarter preview month! We teamed up with Adam’s Apple Games for Planet Unknown and Fight in a Box for Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber to create digital versions of their Kickstarter board games. To celebrate, we are making both games free to play on Sovranti through February!

In Planet Unknown, we challenge you to endure the dangers of space with the Event Deck, explore strange new worlds with the Asymmetric Planets, and endeavor with the Unique Corporations. Experience all of this excitement in Multiplayer and Solo Mode before the game hits the shelves.

Play Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber (MCCC) on Sovranti BEFORE it’s Kickstarter launch on February 16th. This quick, hidden roles, asymmetric, tile placement game will keep you guessing. Prepare for mysteries and maze building! Seppy and the Fight in a Box folks will be having special challenges throughout the month, and we will be playing along! Come check it out. Here is a link to the Kickstarter “notify me” page.


We are getting both designers to come to Game Night! Enjoy Planet Unknown with Adam Rehberg on February 16th and Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber with Seppy Yoon on February 23rd. Game Nights start at 6pm CST. Follow us on socials and look for these events on Facebook.


If you joined us this past month, you know Game Nights have been a blast. We want to give a shoutout to Tabletop Santa, Tabletop Rebellion, Logan Chops, Hungry Gamer and all of you for stopping in.

Sushi Go Golf night was a stroke of genius. Plaid pants aside, playing Sushi Go with reverse scoring was way more fun than it should be. Check out our unofficial rules and let us know what the perfect Golf menu would be on our Discord.


The Developer Blog: Throughout January, we’ve been discussing “content” in the Developer Blog as part of New Year New Titles. Look inside the mind and process of our team as they bring you rules enforced versions of your favorite games. We post every other week and here is what has covered this month:

  • The three things required for a board game experience are players, a problem, and space for those elements to connect.

    • Technology can not replace in person gaming, but can offer unique game play options.


Remember there is always something free to play on Sovranti (and Game Night events are totally free).

Here is what’s on free Silver rotation for February.

- Dani 

  Sovranti Community Manager 


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