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June 2022 Newsletter

Hello Gamers,

We finished our build of Tiny Towns! To celebrate, we declared it’s “Builder Month” on the Sovranti library. These games are free to everyone all July:

  • Tiny Towns

  • Planet Unknown

  • Sushi Go Party!

Invite your family & friends to play too!


If you’re looking for a group, join us for Game Night (Tuesdays 6-8pm CT)!

  • July 5th - Tiny Towns: Build the best town

  • July 12th - Planet Unknown (with Designer Adam Rehberg): Build the best planet

  • July 19th - Tiny Towns (with Designer Peter McPherson): Build the best town

  • July 26th - Sushi Go Party! Golf: Build the worst sushi platter

Check out our website or Discord Events for more Game Night details!


Follow us on social media or join our Discord for extra fun & games.


Conventions - We had so much fun at Origins this past month! We can’t wait for Gen Con! Check out our scheduled events. Join us for more Meet & Greet Activities with our Board Game Celebrity friends - we’ll be at booth 3034.

- Dani 

  Sovranti Community Manager 


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