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June 2023 Newsletter

Hello Gamers,

Here’s what this month’s newsletter has in store for you:

  • 🎉 Play2Win Four Humours - Last Day

  • 🌙 Planet Unknown on Gamefound - July 5th

  • ✈️ Gen Con in August

  • 🔍 The Great Escape Month


🎉 Play2Win Four Humours - Last Day

Play Games, Win Games! Four Humours is not only free to play in June on Sovranti, but you have a chance to win a copy just for playing it on the platform.

Entering is easy: Play Four Humours on the Sovranti app in June & you will be entered into the drawing!


🌙 Planet Unknown on Gamefound - July 5th

A Planet Unknown expansion, Supermoon, is coming to Gamefound!!

The Planet Unknown Supermoon Expansion & Deluxe Edition Reprint is scheduled to launch on Wednesday, July 5th.


✈️ Gen Con in August

We’ll see you at Gen Con in 34 days!

Come find our table in the event hall.

[ ICC : Hall D : Blue : 39 ]

Sign up for events today!


🔍 The Great Escape Month

This month's theme is The Great Escape!

FREE to play all July:

🧀 Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber

🕯 The Night Cage


- Dani

Sovranti Community Manager

Most recent game I've played: Wizard Kittens


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