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March 2022 Newsletter

Hello Gamers,

DRAFTING MONTH - Make your choices go round-n-round because April is Drafting Games Month. This game mechanic has you picking from a shared pool of options with your selection then being removed. Our drafting games are FREE to play all April:

  • Planet Unknown

  • Point Salad

  • The Isle of Cats

  • Sushi Go Party!

  • Dice Miner

Want to learn more about drafting? Check out our past blog on the history of drafting.


MORE DICE MINER! - Love playing Dice Miner on Sovranti?! Want a physical copy of the game? Atlas Games is giving you 10% off a purchase of Dice Miner (Standard Edition)!! No joke…Dice Miner preorders opened TODAY!

Use the code: DMSOVRANTI for 10% off on the Atlas Website!


How to play games on Sovranti - YOUTUBE

Our App will always guide you through the rules of a game, but if you prefer to learn the rules first, we hope our YouTube channel is a great spot to help you get started.

Subscribe to get notified when more videos are added!

- Dani 

  Sovranti Community Manager 


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