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May 2023 Newsletter

Hello Gamers,

Here’s what this month’s newsletter has in store for you:

  • 🏰 Sand, Sea & Sanguine

  • 🌟 2 NEW Digital Releases

  • 👑 Conquest Princess


🏰 Sand, Sea & Sanguine

This month’s theme, Sand, Sea & Sanguine, is inspired by 2 new titles we’re releasing this month: Four Humours & Castles by the Sea!

The FREE Silver Games of the month are:

🏴‍☠️ Skull King

🏜 Forbidden Desert

🗡 Four Humours

🏝 Castles by the Sea (beginning on its digital release, 6/7)


🌟 2 NEW Digital Releases

In Four Humours, from Adam's Apple Games, you're a medieval doctor competing to claim your medical fame. The Principles of Personality 🗡❤️📖⌛️ are the governing rules to resolve personality conflicts among citizens.

Castles by the Sea is a magical sandcastle-building game from Brotherwise Games. 🏝 As a kingdom of Shorelings, your goal is to build and populate sandcastles.

Important Dates:

  • 🎉 May 31 - Digital Release of Four Humours

  • 🌙 June 6 - Four Humours Game Night with the designer

  • 🎉 June 7 - Digital Release of Castles by the Sea

  • 🌙 June 13 - Castles by the Sea Game Night


👑 Conquest Princess

A Galaxy in Peril! Our publishing partner, Fight in a Box, is at it again.

In Conquest Princess, the Fashion Tyrant Mu-gahga has stepped up her invasion and the Temporal Intergalactic Armed Response Agency, or T.I.A.R.A., 🚀 is our brave new hope.

Conquest Princess: Fashion is Power is a cooperative, 1-4 player, bag-builder board game. A single bag of destiny determines your fate.

Check it out on Gamefound today!


- Dani

Sovranti Community Manager

Most recent game I've played: Four Humours


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