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November 2022 Newsletter

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Hello Gamers,

More new games! Gift of Tulips AND boop. are up in the Sovranti Library. Even more exciting, they are free to play all December as part of the Gift of Games!

  • Explore Amsterdam’s tulip festival & build colorful bouquets in Gift of Tulips from Weird Giraffe Games. Card drafting with a beautiful twist. Click HERE to watch a tutorial video!

  • Kittens are jumping on the bed in boop. from Smirk & Laughter! Can you line up your cats and claim victory or will you just get “booped” right off the bed? We’ll have a game night tournament come January!

All our newer releases are FREE to play all December!

  • Dice Miner

  • Tiny Towns

  • Broken & Beautiful

  • BarBEARian Battlegrounds

  • Shobu

  • Squirrel or Die

  • Night of the Ninja

  • Gift of Tulips

  • boop.

  • 500

  • Cribbage

  • Texas Hold 'em

Holiday BONUS - Starting December 18th until the end of the year, the entire library will be open and FREE to play. Invite your family & friends near or far. Connect through games.


PAX Unplugged - If you are going to PAX Unplugged, be sure to stop by our booth #3739 and say hi!

We have a lot of fun events going on throughout the weekend, including a Sushi Go Party! GOLF tournament on Friday, December 2 @ 4-6pm. Stop by our booth to cheer on your favorite media celebrities and pick up a golf card so you can play Sushi Go Party! GOLF at home!


- Dani 

Sovranti Community Manager 


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