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October 2021 Newsletter

Hello Gamers,

EXPLORE The Isle of Cats! In November, we are releasing the SOLO Mode of The Isle of Cats. Play the Family, Standard and Solo Modes for FREE all month long.

If you’ve never played, The Isle of Cats (IoC) is a mid-weight Eurostyle game of polyomino (think Tetris) placement & drafting. A huge success with multiple Kickstarters, IoC will challenge you to save our feline friends and keep families together as we escape the evil clutches of Lord Vesh.


The Game Mechanics Blog Series continues with: Trick Taking & the Magic of Manufacturing. Jason links why game materials/manufacturing has always been integral to the development of gaming culture & mechanics throughout history.

From the cradle of humanity to the birth of the internet, we follow unlikely heroes in gaming like Gutenberg & Hoyle. This 6 min read is filled with interesting facts and unlikely outcomes.

You can listen to it here if you don’t have time to read.


It's been a couple of epic months on the road and online! From GenCon to Origins & Geekway to GameHole and AwSHUX we’ve been busy making new friends and introducing folks to the platform. We want to thank everyone for being awesome: the Convention staffs for keeping everyone safe & having fun, our GMs for being great about everything and everyone who’s joined in on our events.

Our last con of 2021 is PAXU December 10-12.


Remember there’s always something FREE to play on Sovranti & fun stuff to join in. Here’s the free games in November.

- Dani 

  Sovranti Community Manager 


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