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October 2022 Newsletter

Hello Gamers,

Halloween BONUS! Our latest digital releases, Night of the Ninja & BarBEARian Battlegrounds are up and on the FREE menu until November 1.


  • Night of the Ninja is a social deduction party game. Use the ninja arts to discern who’s friend and who’s foe. Your mission is to gain the most honor by defending your leader & eliminating your opponents.

  • In BarBEARian Battlegrounds, four adorable clans of bear-warriors are out to test their might & build the best fortress in the neighBEARhood! Build your engine, go to battle and defend your village.


Speaking Board Gamer 101- New to board gaming or know someone new to board gaming? Alexis is starting her board game journey too & I’m helping her learn board game lingo. We now have 4 videos on YouTube. Check them out.


Big Player Counts all November! This month is Food & Family. Warming up to the Holidays, we put our crowd pleasers on the FREE menu all November. Everyone gets closer around a game table! We’ll be teaching these games at game night so you can have them ready for your holidays. FREE to play all November are games about food/big player counts:

  • Point Salad - 6 players

  • Truck Off - 6 players

  • Cover Your Assets - 6 players

  • Skull King - 8 players

  • Sushi Go Party! - 8 players


Also in the spirit of giving, remember Extra Life Game Day is coming up November 5th! We’ll be visiting a number of nominated board game streams as they do their best to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals®.


PAXU - If you’re game, think about PAX Unplugged. Our last convention of the year is right around the corner. For those who’ve never been, PAX Unplugged is the board game focused event put on by the Penny Arcade folks. Join us at this mega-convention December 2-4. We’ll be setting up at Booth #3739.


Thank you to everyone who has been joining us for Tuesday Game Nights! It’s hard to believe it’s been a year. Come hangout 6-8pm CT. There’s always lots of laughs & games.


- Dani 

  Sovranti Community Manager 


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