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September 2022 Newsletter

Hello Goblins & Gamers,

Spooky Season is here and our theme in October is Trick-or-Treating! To start our celebration, we have the digital release of Squirrel or Die by Fight in a Box. No game better encapsulates the “Trick-or-Treat”, autumn conundrum, than this game of backyard survival. Easy to learn, 7 minutes to play, this game is like multiplayer minesweeper.

As a bonus, all the Fight in a Box games are on the Free Menu until November 1st. Play Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber, Hedgehog Hop & Squirrel or Die all month with your friends. But that’s not all, be ready for other titles to make their way onto the platform this month!


Gamers helping others! November 5th is Extra Life Game Day. Instead of running our own event, we want to help others reach their goals. Tell us who’s stream you’re watching during Game Day and we’ll visit a number of them to make a donation! Nominate a Gamer!


Speaking Board Gamer 101- Alexis is starting her board game journey. I'm there to help her out. Together we are creating videos teaching new gamers how to speak board gamer. Subscribe to our YouTube to get notified! These are a great way to learn how to speak to not-yet-gamers too.


We have a lot of exciting announcements happening this fall, so also be sure to follow us on social media or join our Discord!

- Dani 

  Sovranti Community Manager 


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