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Touch vs. Keyboard

Sushi Go Party in the new UI on an iPhone

The Sovranti App is cross platform - PC, phone, tablet and Mac can all play together. Our goal is to bring people together through board gaming. Removing technology barriers between folks is another step towards that goal. Being cross platform means we’re taking on certain challenges. One of the biggest is user input.

A tablet and phone have very different methods of input than a PC or Mac. The range is from touch screen to any combination of keyboard plus touch screen, touchpad or mouse. Additionally, there is a huge size difference between devices - 24” monitor vs 5” phone. Keeping the experience consistent and quality means focusing on simplicity. What feels “natural” for one device must have an equivalent in the others. You shouldn’t have to relearn the application if you normally play on your PC but you shift to something else for the night.

Sushi Go Party in the new UI on a PC

One way we simplify the online board gaming experience is to give every player a “seat” at the table. This choice does two things. #1 it’s more like real life - every player has their own place and perspective on the game (you have better sense of who’s to your left and right in turn order.) #2 we remove the awkwardness of trying to move through 3D space on a phone. At your seat, you’re able to look around or lean over on the table. If you need a different perspective you can jump to another player’s seat. Additionally, we have common or player specific information wrapped up in the player portraits.

Some user expectations hold true no matter what device you’re using: intuitive, easy to understand, accessibility, quick access to frequently used actions, information flow, one touch zoom and most importantly true to the board game designer’s/publishers intentions. With our upcoming UI update, we hope to get one step closer to all of these while keeping the experience approachable. Approachable meaning basic tapping and clicking are all you need to play (shortcuts/gestures are coming in future UI updates, but they’re never required.)

Next Blog we’ll be focusing specifically on our new UI update and looking forward to your feedback.


Release Updates

Publisher: Gamewright

Sovranti Developer: Andrew

We have more exciting updates!! Andrew has begun Forbidden Desert development. The tiles, cards and the Sand Storm meter found places on the table layout. Next up making things playable - game flow and game specific logic!

Forbidden Desert Table Layout

Publisher: Magpie Games

Sovranti Developer: Eric

Eric has completed a lot of features, and testing is underway! We’ve implemented:

  • Extra Credit now impacts end game scoring

  • The Chaos Cat is being placed in the deck, which will open up chapter 3 in the middle of the game.

  • Scoring animations

  • Spell Tokens, which will keep track of players’ previously cast spells (and disallow them to pick the same spell on subsequent turns).

Things to look forward to:

  • Advanced Mode diversifies gameplay.

Wizard Kittens: The Chaos Cat Opened Chapter 3

Sovranti Developer: Paul

Paul has completed the Planet Unknown solo mode! Additionally, all event cards, neighbor objective cards, and private objective cards are in place.

Things to look forward to:

  • Asymmetric planets

Planet Unknown Solo Mode: Objective Card gained from a Green Alert Event Card


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