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UI Update

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

New UI Layout

Early Access has launched and with it comes the new Sovranti User Interface! We’re one step closer to bringing the world together through the power of board games. Removing the barriers between people and bringing more folks into the hobby is our goal. Our new UI focuses on bridging the gap between technology and how people want to play games. Enhancing the experience with scoring and rules enforcement is just the start.

To give the new UI a more intuitive feel, we organized the information and controls more tightly. We collected the platform features under the main menu. Based on user feedback, volume and mic controls became one touch and placed on the left with camera controls. Game or game table specific controls went to the bottom center screen. Player Portraits are on the right providing player information and interactions. Finally, for a more consistent feel we drop players immediately into the 3D environment.

Example: Noah has 3 cards

The clearer UI geography is the foundation of the new features we’ll be adding. Game information at a glance will be displayed near the Player Portraits. Critical info you might need to count or share will be placed next to the individual's portrait making public information easily accessible. With common player information always off to the side, players can focus on specific areas of the board. For more information check out our previous blog on Player Portraits.

Another barrier we’re working to remove is how technology separates individuals from each other. You should be able to enjoy a board game with your friends whether sitting at a desk on a PC, stretched out on a couch using a tablet or riding a bus using your phone. Sovranti has built-in voice so you don’t have to juggle multiple apps to talk to people while you play. Regardless of which device you use the UI experience is the same. There were enough things keeping us apart in 2020, what technology you have access to shouldn’t be another one.

Sovranti is open to everyone; there’s a totally free version of the app if folks want to play what’s on the rotating library or join us for game nights. Additionally, folks with a platinum membership open the entire library for whoever is at their table. We’re extremely excited about Early Access and want to thank all of you for helping us get here. With more titles and features on the way, the future's looking bright.

Next up in the blog, we’re starting a new series: “What makes a good online board game.”


Release Updates

Publisher: Gamewright

Sovranti Developer: Andrew

We’re almost completed the main play loop for Forbidden Desert. The early challenge in menu design was allowing each player to have a different set of options available at any given time. Now that the player actions are fully implemented, development will be moving on to storm cards and the end game to allow the basic functionality required for a full playthrough!

Forbidden Desert Water Carrier

Publisher: Magpie Games

Sovranti Developer: Eric

The base game of Wizard Kittens is complete! Players should be able to play through a full game with each other feline sorcerer. We’ve improved the messages around casting spells and streamlined the spell casting a bit. Additionally, we’ve added text to display how many cards are in the component deck and curse deck.

Things to look forward to:

  • Advanced Mode next diversifying game play.

Wizard Kittens text display above the component deck and curse deck.

Sovranti Developer: Paul

Victory! All Asymmetric Boards have been implemented; each one has their own rules and gameplay. The selection process at the start of a game is still in the works, but we'll be testing and polishing the features of each new planet.

Things to look forward to: With the new planets, you can find:

  • Toxic squares,

  • Resource restricted quadrants

  • Placement restricting chasms

  • Vulnerable city squares

  • Craters

  • Rings

  • Abnormal shapes

  • and even more!

Oblivion, a Planet Unknown Asymmetric Planet


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