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The Isle of Cats SOLO

SOLO Mode Challenge

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Combination Requirements
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Modules: B, G & H
  • Goal: Beat the sister & get the highest score
View the timeframe & ALL official rules HERE
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Challenge Rules

The Isle of Cats Solo Mode Competition Setup/ game details - Difficulty: Easy, Modules: B, G & H)

Must play between Nov. 22 @12:00am CT (6:00am UTC) - Nov. 30 @ 11:59pm CT (Dec. 1 @ 5:59am UTC)

Submit screenshot before December 1 @ 7:00am CT (1:00pm UTC) - games must be started in the timeframe.




- Play the The Isle of Cats in Solo Mode according to combination requirements (Easy / Modules B,G & H )

- Play on the Sovranti Platform. To download the app, visit:

- Submit a screenshot to this event (see “TO ENTER” details below)

TO ENTER: Submit your screenshot to the Facebook event! On Monday, November 22, Sovranti will post an event on their Facebook page. All you need to do is comment on the event page “Discussion” and include the following:

- The date you played so we can verify players played during the week of the contest.

- Podium screenshot of your solo mode score...make sure they can see the boat, podium, and the scoring summary including the modules and difficulty level (chat bar)! ... An example screenshot is posted here on this page and on the Facebook Discussion board.

- Screenshots must be submitted before 7:00am CT on December 1, but you MUST play the game before Sunday, November 30 11:59pm CT.

If you don’t have a Facebook, email Sovranti’s community Manager, Dani, at If you are the winner, she’ll post it to the Sovranti Facebook page and contact you through email.

- Multiple entries are encouraged! 



THE PRIZE: The winner will be the player who beat the sister AND posted the highest score on EASY with MODULES B, G & H. They will win internet fame & glory...The winner will get their name added to our digital trophy in our wall of fame HERE




- If there is a tie, the player with the fewest open squares is the winner

- If there is still a tie, the player with the most rare treasure points is the winner

- If there is still a tie, compare largest families (First, second, third, fourth & fifth largest family sizes)

- If there is still a tie, players share the victory




- No purchase necessary

- Alternate way to submit to the contest: Post on the Facebook Event or email Dani at (if you submitted by email and you’re the winner, Sovranti will post your screenshot to the Contest Facebook Event page, and contact you through email)

- Time frame for Contest: November 22-30 (Central Time) Easy difficulty and with modules B, G & H

- Winner for this contest will be selected on the Monday following the contest time frame after Sovranti verifies the winner. The winner will be announced to the Facebook Event Contest page & the Sovranti Website! Their screenshot may be posted by Sovranti to the Sovranti website and/or the Facebook Event Page! If you submitted through Facebook, you’ll be contacted on Facebook Messenger. If you submitted through email, you’ll be contacted through email.

- 1st place Prize will be posted to the sovranti website and discord along with the players first name or username (whichever they prefer)

* Multiple entries are encouraged. Top score will be used for prize selection.
- All Sovranti Contest rules apply and are listed below

Contest Rules

All Contest Rules

​Every Challenge has it's own specific Challenge Rules, but listed below is our generic Contest Rules that apply to every contest/challenge we do.

  • Be kind to everyone.

  • No harassment of any kind is tolerated. People in violation of this will be removed immediately.

  • No advertisements of any product/server/service are allowed unless previously approved by an admin.

  • No 18+/NSFW content in submissions

  • If you think someone is in violation of the rules, please report to

  • Must be 18 years or older.

  • No cost to enter.

  • Many contest are United States only, read the specific Challenge Rules

  • Winners have 2 weeks to reply to the email to claim their prize.

  • Winners of Sovranti's are not eligible to win the same game more than once. 

  • Alternate submission guidelines or questions, email Dani at

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