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March 2021 Newsletter

Hello Gamers & Cat Lovers,

Cats Gone Wild! During April, Sovranti is partnering up with Magpie Games to help the big cats from the Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone, MN. Not only is Wizard Kittens free all month, but for everyone who tries this game of cats & conjuring we will donate to the sanctuary. So summon your friends, play Wizard Kittens and help save these cats!

We will have special events and streams all month, so come join us on Facebook or Twitter for details. A few things we are bringing your way:

  • April 1 - The Charity Boardgamer Stream of Wizard Kittens with Magpie Games

  • April 13th - Wizard Kittens Game Night with a designer from Magpie Games

  • April 19th to 25th - Planet Unknown Contest


The Dev Blog got historical/philosophical as we explore the origins of games & gamers:

  • Blog 3.0-Gaming is Important - Did you know that one of the earliest board games is from 3500BC? Gaming and e-sports are now a world phenomenon. Folks travel from all over the world to celebrate them at conventions and games themselves travel the globe to get to us. Technology has made their manufacture, finance, improvement, and celebration possible.

  • Blog 3.1-Creating New/Better Gamers - Some of us are wired to be gamers, but not all of us are born to the wizarding world. How do we invite new folks into the hobby and what does a better gamer look like?


We know we are all ready for the lockdown to be over, but just hanging on for a little while longer! To help scratch the gaming itch, we invite you to join us for AwSHUX Online April 23-25.


There are always free games to play in Silver rotation. Here is the Silver rotation for April.

Remember for everyone that plays Wizard Kittens during April, we will donate to the Wildcat Sanctuary, so invite your friends.

- Dani 

  Sovranti Community Manager 


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