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November 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Hello Sovranti Family, 


We’ve moved out of Open BETA and into Early Access! Early Access opens the full library to subscribers. To thank everyone for their support, we’re rolling out the Founder’s Program. Founders get a massively discounted forever price, input into what games come next, and special surprises as we continue on our journey! Come check out the new UI update, stay tuned for more great titles, and be part of our evolution. Become a Founder today.


Want your friends to come play? Even in Early Access, Sovranti always has a free way to play. Anyone can sign up for a silver tier membership and play what is on the rotating library for the week. Check out the December rotation on the Silver games calendar.

Join us for Game Night on Tuesdays from 6:00-8:00pm CT. If you already have a group and want us to help you get started, message @Sovranti-Dani in Discord. Dani will be sure a GM is there to welcome you and help out if needed.


Testers! Want to be next level helpful? We’re looking for folks who want to play early implementations of the games before they are available to everyone else. Since we’re moving out of BETA, we’re calling these testers the Vanguard. This group plays an important role in our game Development Process and will interact with the titles in the secluded, closed testing environment. You will help us find and fix what is broken with the new and shiny - the titles we’re getting ready to share.


The Developer Blog - Read about the world of our developers as they work on the platform and bring you rules enforced, digital versions of your favorite board games. Every other week we talk about the specific development challenges and the milestones of titles coming to Sovranti.

  • Blog 1.2 - Player Portraits: Players are represented in multiple ways in the Sovranti platform: avatars at the table, pawns on the scoreboard, names in the chat window and voices in the game sounds. In our upcoming UI update, all those elements will be unified in the player portraits.

  • Blog 1.3 - Touch vs. Keyboard: We discuss the needs of little touch screens versus big monitors with keyboards and how we develop for the two to play together.

Each blog includes release updates! Stay informed on the features coming to the Sovranti titles.

- Dani 

  Sovranti Community Manager 


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