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What can Gaming Communities Do?

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

How do you join a community? For gaming, all you have to say is, “I want to be a gamer!” and you’re on your way. It’s that easy. We all started somewhere and gamers love to help others on their journey. But what does it mean to be a member of a gaming community?

First, it means you want to have fun! With the state of the world, don’t underestimate the importance of fun or making time for it. Being a gamer means prioritizing fun and sharing games and gaming knowledge with others. New titles bring exciting new challenges and new gamers bring fresh energy and perspective. Participating in this virtuous cycle of joy increases our numbers. With greater numbers, come greater responsibilities!

Gaming communities promote our own and take over spaces. MEGA-conventions like GenCon or Origins transform cities! Run away titles like Pokemon Go transform our streets into game boards. Crowdfunding fuels innovation, raises expectations and catapults some titles into the mainstream. This raises awareness and furthers the cycle.

Gaming communities can do more than make new players, titles, and industries. Extra Life has raised $70M for Children’s Hospitals since 2008. Gamers harnessing their love and helping out others make for a better world. With everything that’s going on, we need more things that bring us together. Games and good causes go great together. Folks like Chris, the Charity Boardgamer, highlight how gaming can help others. With gamers inspiring other gamers, the virtuous cycle continues.

Community is powerful. It is the cultivated energy of the bonds that connect the individuals. For gamers the substance of those bonds is fun, camaraderie, and common-nerdery. It’s easier to talk to someone you’ve shared a laugh with. You feel connected to something bigger when others discover your favorite title. Those connected feelings makes it easier to be kind and make room for others at your game table.

So what can gaming communities do? They can foster kindness and kindness is everything.


Release Updates

Publisher: The City of Games

Sovranti Developer: Paul

Paul got a lot done and writing the logic for the tile placement shined light on some potential performance enhancements. We’re looking at architecture decisions which would boost future games.

  • Added placement of tiles on the boat boards and with the directional buttons

  • highlights on valid placement (mirroring the Planet Unknown’s interface)

  • Cards and Meeple’s stored correctly, and show up where expected on the table

  • Proper Button and color highlights are taking place in existing content

  • Close to completion of the Family Mode game loop

  • Game Setup

  • Drawing and placing cats and treasures

  • Trigger to start end game scoring

Isle of Cats on Sovranti

Publisher: Magpie Games

Sovranti Developer: Eric

Eric focused on enhancements and bug fixes for Wizard Kittens. Typically, we receive tickets through our feedback system, which then get prioritized and assigned to the developer that originally worked on the game. If it is a critical bug, it gets addressed quickly. If it is a suggestion or a ‘nice to have’ feature, we like to build up a list of those and then address them all at once. This helps with development and testing efficiency.

Here's what's new for Wizard Kittens:

  • Added spell icons onto each spell button

  • Fixed player tokens and cards to match the correct kitten color

  • Fixed wording when selecting single items for rule activations

  • Reduced data size being sent to client (this should speed up game play on slower internet connections)

Wizard Kittens Spell icons


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